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Package tours from Cambodia


Discovery Southeast Asia 13 Days

Discovering Southeast Asia will bring interesting experiences about individual cultural features of each region and learn about the customs and habits...


Highlight of Cambodia & Vietnam 18 Days Tour

Highlight of Cambodia & Vietnam will bring us interesting, distinctive, unique and different destinations in the cultural history of Cambodia and...


Cruise Phnom Penh To Saigon 6 Days Tour

Cruise Phnom Penh to Saigon 6 days tour will give us a cruise trip to discover Mekong river and with local lives, tradition and custom at Koh Dek Chou,...


Indochina Package tour 19 days

Indochina Package tour 19 days give you an overview of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam where you will experience the major cities, famous tourist sites and...

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161 USD

Cambodia Exploration Package tour 8 days

Cambodia Exploration Package tour 8 days is made for discovering the famous sites an areas in Cambodia such National Museum, Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace,...